Why style your property?

Presenting a property for sale is a sure way to reach the largest audience of home buyers, as it allows them to truly appreciate the space and imagine themselves in it. An empty space on the other hand has proven to feel cold and unwelcoming, making it harder for the buyer to create that all important emotional connection.

By styling your home ready for sale, you are ensuring that all of the positives in your home are showcased at their best and the negatives are dealt with at the same time. This reduces the negative feedback that can be associated with a cluttered or empty home.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients when they approach us to style their home is, the struggle they face when trying to view their own home objectively. The team here at OpenHouse Styling view your property through the buyers eyes, we are therefore able to point out what opportunities exist to enhance the visual appeal of your home. 

How we work?

During our complimentary estimate process, we meet with you in your home to determine your unique needs and an appropriate budget. It is at this stage that we will draw on our expertise to bring together a range of furniture and decorative items tailored to fit your unique space. At OpenHouse Styling we believe no two properties are the same, therefore we treat each project as an opportunity to create something fresh and exciting. 

The process is of course slightly different for vacant properties and occupied homes, thus we approach each with a different style. 

Vacant properties

An empty space to us here at OpenHouse Styling is the perfect blank canvas, though to a home buyer, it can be both a lonely and puzzling prospect. OpenHouse Styling ensure your empty home is bought to life with style and design, bringing purpose to each space. 

occupied Homes 

Once the team from OpenHouse Styling have visited your home, we will be able to evaluate your existing furnishings and advise how we can utilise them to their best advantage in the space. It is at this point that we will enhance and refine the look of your property by integrating additional furnishings and design pieces to create a truly cohesive home.

What is the process?

At OpenHouse Styling we believe in making the property styling process as simple as possible for the clients who choose to work with us. Below we have outlined the basics involved in the styling process.


The team at OpenHouse Styling will arrange an appropriate time to meet you at your property for an initial consultation. At this stage of the process, we aim to best understand the layout of the property, allowing the team to choose the style that will best compliment the property.


Within 48 hours of our initial consultation we will prepare and email a proposal tailored to the unique needs of your property. This proposal will come in the form of a printable PDF and will cover all aspects of the styling process for your property. It is at this stage that we can arrange a further face to face meeting or phone conversation to discuss the proposal. 


After having accepted the proposal, a member of the OpenHouse Styling team will contact you to arrange a date to complete the install at your property. This will be based upon our ability as well as any deadlines you may have to present the property for market. Typically the team like to install the day prior to photographs being taken, we require 1-2 weeks notice prior to a requested date of install.


Payment needs to be made in full 5 days prior to install, any cancellations within 5 working days of installation will incur a 50% loss of fee.


This is the day our vision for your property comes to life! On the day you can expect to see a variety of our team members coming and going throughout the install, the process can take anywhere between a few hours and a day depending on the size of the property and the styling requirements. We will typically arrive at your property in the early morning, however, this will be arranged with you 48 hours prior to commencement. 


On the sale of your property or at the conclusion of your initial contract, a member of the OpenHouse Styling team will contact you to arrange removal of our items from your property. Extensions can be negotiated on a week by week basis should this be necessary for whatever reason.