how much will it cost?

Here at OpenHouse Styling we do not operate with pre-made packages, instead preferring to meet with our clients and assess the individual needs of the property to create a unique look. Prices start at $2,500.00 and vary depending on the size and styling needs of the property.

How long is the initial contract period?


what sets you apart from the competition?


how long will styling the property take?


how do you decide on pieces for my home?


what if some of the items chosen are not to my liking?


what do i do with existing furniture that needs to be removed from the property?


do I need to VACATE the property?


am i able to purchase any of the pieces you use at my property?


what if something is damaged of misplaced during the contract term?


what are your payment terms?


what if i wish to utilise some of my own items?


what are your terms of cancelation?